Wedding Photography Bucket List

A selection of destinations and venues that I’d love to shoot at over the coming years

Last year I had the privilege of shooting a number of amazing weddings at some incredible venues, with lots more exciting ones to come this year. Taking inspiration from these and the places I have visited in my now 30 years on the earth, I have put together a sort of wedding photography bucket list.

Some may happen soon, some in many years’ time and others maybe never but a boy can dream. If you’re getting married and looking for an unforgettable venue then hopefully this will help give you some inspiration.

For any weddings that fall in the Destination section I’d love to shoot there so much that I am offering to pay for my own travel in order to help make that happen! So if you, or anyone you know, would be interested get in touch!


Destination Weddings

Scottish Highlands – I fell in love with the Highlands on a birthday trip there, particularly the Isle of Skye. It was in fact here that I decided I wanted to develop (pun intended) photography from a hobby into a career.

Scottish Castle – with Scottish and Irish ancestry these are two countries I wish to visit more. I love the history and romance of a Scottish Castle. You can take our pictures but you’ll never take OUR FREEDOOOOM.

Iceland Elopement – Have you seen how ridiculously incredible the landscape is? It’s been on my travel wish list forever and I’ve not yet managed to get there. What better way to end up going there than to capture some jaw-droppingly awesome photos of a couple who are madly in love.

West Coast Ireland Countryside, with good craic – with an Irish grandfather, love of Guinness, whiskey, Irish music and my karaoke song of choice being When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating, I can’t think of a more fun place to have a wedding than on Ireland’s beautiful wild West Coast. Having been previously to the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry I’d jump at the chance of going back. The idea of a Galway wedding also particular excites me.

South Africa – I spent 10 weeks in South Africa in 2009 and was struck by the beauty and adventure of the country. Amongst my many great adventures I volunteered on a Great White Shark conservation project, watched the British Lions rugby tour, bungee jumped, went on safari and came face to face with dolphins, sharks and whales on the legendary Sardine Run and managed to lock my jaw for a week after gnawing at great slabs of Biltong

Tuscanny – I went there for the first time last year and it is so beautiful and the perfect surroundings for a wedding. The food was exceptional as well. It would be an added bonus if it was Autumn.

Boho wedding on the beach – I’m a massive fan of the sea. In my younger years I was dragged kicking and screaming to swimming club but it paid off and these days I love being on, in or near the water.

Cliffside – my Australian girlfriend once showed me an absolutely incredible looking festival wedding of one of her friends, where the ceremony took place on the edge of a cliff in New Zealand. It’s stuck in my head ever since.

French Castle – this is going to be one I’m ticking off this summer as I return to The Dordogne, the area I last visited as the 4 year old, to photograph the wedding of one of my best mates. Je suis très excité. To say I’m very very excited is an understatement.


London Wedding Venues

Asylum – just look at it!

Top of the Gherkin – I shot a wedding near the top of the Gherkin last year and it was awesome – now I’d like to go even higher!

Hampton Court Palace – it would be epic!

The Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College – “the Sistine Chapel of the UK”

The Ritz – because it’s The Ritz!


Other English Wedding Venues

Prior Park College ceremony & reception – I have great memories from my time here at school and its magnificent Grade 1-listed Palladian mansion, other buildings and views overlooking Bath would make for some killer photos and high levels of nostalgia.

Roman Baths & Pump Room – This unique venue in the city I went to school in – shooting here would be the perfect excuse to go back.

Babington House – Another stand out venue in the South West not far from where I grew up.

Maunsel House – Again in the South West – you’ve probably noticed a theme here! I’m a cider swigging west country boy at heart. I only discovered this place recently – full of character and seriously quirky – would be incredibly fun place to get married.

St Michael’s Mount – In deepest darkest Cornwall – an area I’m familiar with from many trips down to visit family nearby. Just think of the photos! However, in order to marry you have to either live on the island or have a close association with it.

Aynhoe Park – I recently had an enquiry come in from a couple getting married here – unfortunately I was already booked up! A taxidermy giraffe being lifted into the air by balloons – need I say more?

Blenheim Palace – I recall seeing another photographer’s images from a wedding here. It looked unreal. The historic buildings and beautiful surroundings would make it a dream come true to shoot at.

Launcells Barton – This was my stand out venue of 2016. A new venue on the scene in North Cornwall that is only going to get better and better and it was already incredible. An unbelievably easy place to shoot at with wonderful locations wherever you look. I’d love to go back here to shoot every year especially after getting on so well with Matt and Lara who are doing a fantastic job there.


So there they are – no doubt the list will keep growing but a good start nonetheless! If anyone can think of any other great venues that I haven’t mentioned then I’d love to hear about them.

Over and out.


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