Imagine the scene. You’re a photographer. You’re about to go to one of the most picturesque cities in the world for the first time, for one day and one day only. The low hanging winter sun is shining, the light is perfect. You wake up jaded from the night before but proud of your forward thinking nature. You remember that you’d got the hotel reception desk to charge your camera battery for you overnight after it transpired that somehow the plugs on the European adapter you brought were too fat to go into the European socket. Clever.

This came at the cost of charging your phone but you don’t care, mindlessly checking your Instagram and Facebook notifications can wait for a day – you’ll be too busy photographing this most picturesque of cities after all.

In goes the battery and you flick the switch. Nothing. You must have put the battery in the wrong way. How silly. You flip the battery 180 degrees and try again. Still nothing. Maybe it’s the battery. You’re starting to run out of time but over breakfast at a nearby café you have a chance to charge a second battery using an adapter commandeered from the hotel reception desk. It’s your final chance… and it hasn’t worked.

It’s what the BFG would refer to as a “trogglehumper” – the worst kind of nightmare.

You spend the train journey uncomfortable and hoping you won’t be sick – no doubt a result of a the unhelpful combination of last night’s Aperol Spritzes and the all-encompassing photo-free doom that awaits.

But wait. What about photographing the whole day with a disposable camera like they did in the olden days? Surely it can’t work. Well you may as well try.



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