As always thank you so much to everyone who put their faith in us to deliver for them on these incredible family occasions – we are truly honoured. We continue to be lucky enough to attract couples who we get on with so well and who seem to share a common thread of being genuine, relaxed, loved and just so bloody nice! Happy to report that 2020 is looking like lots more of the same.

I can’t wait for the season to begin again (well, maybe a little) but in the meantime it’s nice to have some free weekends and surprise friends who thought I was dead! It’s also a lovely opportunity to go back through everything from last year and pick out some of the highlights and find ways to continue to improve the offering for our clients.

2019 was another really big year for the business with five weddings abroad, including two return trips to my favourite French chateau, Chateau de Lisse, two scorchers in Mallorca, and a Viennese festive treat. There were three more trips west to the fantastic Launcells Barton in Cornwall, with three more booked in for this year already, including the owners Lara & Matt, who started their venue not long after I started shooting weddings and it’s been wonderful to see us both grow together over the years. And not to mention three services from world’s greatest celebrant, Gary of St Peters Church, Leckhampton fame.

There were weddings of family, old friends and new. A collection of weddings from two fantastic groups in particular who are starting to run out of single friends!

It was a massive year for Harvey who has, well ahead of schedule, taken on weddings of his own and done a really excellent job, his photos seamlessly integrating with mine below, made even more remarkable that this happened alongside the birth of his first child. He has also pushed the business forward in so many areas and allowed me to focus more of my time and energy on what matters most.

It has been emotional, at times wild, but most of all a LOT of fun. More of the same please!



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