The man behind the camera

The main reason I’m a wedding photographer is how important I think photographs are as the only tangible thing left once the wedding is over. They are the part of the wedding that will be with you for the rest of your lives.

Whilst I mostly take a laid back, reportage approach, what I love more than anything is to get in close and capture the fun and emotion of those moments when people let their guard down, from a friends and family perspective.

Family is very important to me and I see real value in having a good record of important people being themselves on a very memorable day. Capturing the unique story of what is unfolding with all the happy and emotional memories that grow in value over time.

For every couple I try to get a deep understanding of what you really value, and how to capture the day in the way you want. Your photographer will play a huge role in your wedding and I believe it’s not just about taking great photos but making sure the whole experience adds something to your day. It’s about finding the right balance between letting you get on and enjoy the day, whilst ensuring you have a great set of photos to look back on.

Originally from the West Country, I love shooting a wide variety of different weddings; in the city; across Europe and also getting back to my roots in the beautiful British countryside. My obsession with lines, geometry and well-composed images stems from a mathematical background and it’s certainly in photography that I’ve found these skills most enjoyable to apply.

I think it’s important to feel like I’m part of the inner circle and shoot your wedding from the perspective of those closest to you. I’m often told that guests assumed I was a friend of the couple and I absolutely love that.

“Olli always captures the fun of the weddings he photographs, which is exactly what we wanted. Generally speaking I don’t like photos of myself or like being photographed but Olli made me feel so relaxed. He was also happy that we didn’t want to do many staged photos as this gave him free reign to capture us naturally. It was great having him there late into the evening, and the following day as well, because this enabled him to get in amongst it all, the product of which is brilliant!” – Emma

If money were no object I would be a photographer and so I feel incredibly lucky to call this “work”.